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Ceremony Add-On Options

How to Avoid Having a Boring Wedding

Destin Wedding Officiant Ceremony Add-Ons – Add that Wow factor!

It is all about the accessories! Just like no outfit is complete without the addition of the perfect accessory, so this is true for your memorable wedding ceremony.

Remember, the way to having an unforgettable wedding ceremony is by personalizing your ceremony. Do this by unveiling your unique love story, and then celebrate it – with your family and friends. Most of them have most likely traveled near and far to encourage, support, and bless your new beginnings. Entertain them with your celebration of love. Love, smiles, and laughter are contagious-Let them share in your bliss!

After all, how cool will it be for them to walk away from the ceremony—saying, “OMG, that totally captured them!” So how do you do that?

  1.  Hire Destin Wedding Officiant to turn your “I Do,” into “Happily Ever After!”
  2.  Review your “Ceremony Questionaire,” and choose which style of ceremony best suits the both of you.
  3.  Review the “Ceremony Wedding Package,” to make your ceremony selections of readings, Scripture, quotes, and song selections.
  4.  Decide how long you would like the wedding ceremony to be – both the minimum and the maximum.
  5.  Select your Ceremony Add-Ons to personalize your wedding ceremony with.

This is the secret of avoiding a boring wedding – Personalize it- Make it reflect your personalities, your relationship, your brand of uniqueness. You can have your family or friends read your favorite Scripture, poem, excerpts from your favorite book, or invite them to come up and share their best wishes and blessings to each of you.

By adding accessories to your wedding ceremony it is like adding sprinkles to your cupcake, glitter to your name, and sparkle to your wedding!

Once you have purchased your Wedding Ceremony, browse through the Shop to purchase Destin Wedding Officiant Ceremony Add-Ons – Add that Wow factor!